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Weather and Climate in Nepal| Best Season for Trekking| Hiking | Peak Climbing and Expedition| Nepal Trekking Tourism

03 October Post by: Yubraj

Nepal Trekking Tourism manages all the Top destination visiting places for visitor adventures travel tours and treks activities over the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. if You are Travelling and Trekking for The first time in Nepal then you have to be well prepared for the difficult challenges, physical fitness, and Strong Power to tackkle the high altitude sickness problem so all the gear list and required equipments should be taken yourself that means your Trekking Agency will provide you. Every Trekking, Hiking, Peak climbing, Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Upper Mustang, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking, Peak Climbing and Expedition all falls on some seasons and you should have known about it or may consult with your local Tour guides. 

Weather of Nepal and Best appropriate Season for trekking, Hiking, rafting, kayaking, Paragliding, summit, Peak climbing, and Expedition would be more conscious of the climatic changes and its destruction.


Monsoon: The Monsoon of Nepal has made two clear wet and dry seasons. Wet days of summer are Monsoon days. Most of the rainfalls in Nepal are due to Monsoon in summer. The rest are dry days. Spring and Autumn are in between seasons. In general, the monsoon begins from mid-June and ends at beginning of September. The months of seasons vary with altitude and slope of the mountain. Northern slopes and higher altitudes are less warm than those of southern slopes and lower altitude. The raining season depends on monsoon activities. Mostly rains at night, making the following days crispy clean and fresh. The length of summer and autumn also depend on the Monsoon. Most of the northern belt of the Trans-Himalayan zone is monsoon-shadowed and ideal for trekking. The climate of Kathmandu valley can be taken as a standard.

Summer: (May-August) is the hottest season of Nepal. Hot but dry days are more comfortable than those of Monsoon days which are hot and humid.

Autumn: (September to November) begins with the end of Monsoon and ends with the beginning of winter in November. It is also a festival season. You can enjoy lots of green and blue sky. Best season for outdoor activities like trekking, rafting, and wildlife jungle safari.

Winter: Cold months are November till February. Winter days are also dry days with a few spots of rain. The typical day of Kathmandu valley in winter season is as warm as 20 degree Celsius in a sunny day but night temperature falls below freezing. The little rains in winter are due to Mediterranean activities. Hence the winter rainfall in western Nepal has more rain than those of eastern Nepal.

Spring: (February till April): Spring begins with occasional shower and rains. The days are mild days with the new vegetation. The sky is not as blue as Autumn. It is a little hazy if no showers for a long period.

"The climate of Nepal is best assessed with the climate at 4 distinct places. These are Kathmandu valley, Pokhara valley (West), Chitwan (Terai), and Namche Bazaar (East & High mountain)."

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