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Upper Mustang Trek, Cost, Tiji Festival Trekking Dates 2019/20, NTT

02 November Post by: Admin

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You will believe that Nepal's mountains are on the whole white, blanketed, and solidifying! Assuming this is the case, you likely have not known about the Mustang Region in Nepal where the mountains at right around 4,000m rise are red, rather than white and where rain does not fall. Also, no, it isn't the place the Mustang ponies have started. Joking aside, Upper Mustang is most likely one of the slightest voyaged regions in Nepal, thus has stayed particularly remote and an untrodden way. It is really an entire diverse world all alone with the extremely unmistakable scene and culture contrasted with different districts of Nepal. upper mustang Trekking specializes the Tiji Festival Trek dates for 2019.The remote trails in the hidden kingdom. Upper Mustang Trek Permit, guide Cost differ with Companies.

In the event that you have known about this place, you more likely than not thought about the extremely costly allow, and truly, this is to be sure valid. Thus for some, this is believed to be held just for the rich globe-trotters. For some explorers who have had the (exceptionally) lucky opportunity to see this place, the $500 allow was so much justified, despite all the trouble, and each penny of it! 

It is an enchanted place that has stayed still immaculate by tourism and modernization. A mix of both red and white mountains, it is an incredible sight and unquestionably will make you tap on your camera consistently! 

As it isn't broadly known and looked for by numerous trekkers, in this article, we want to answer some fundamental inquiries you may have about Upper Mustang, specifically, the amount you should put something aside for this trek! Similarly, as with numerous different treks, the primary things you will require are the trekking grant, transportation, manage (and likely doorman) and of course, the essential necessities, for example, nourishment and settlement. 

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Mustang Restricted Permit - The Cost for this is presumably what might panic most trekkers as it is as of now valued at USD 500 for every individual. This is important as Mustang is viewed as an uncommon locale in Nepal and accordingly, not effortlessly open to everybody. This is required by the legislature to protect the region and point of confinement the number of sightseers entering this (relatively concealed) locale in Nepal. Note that this USD 500 for every individual is legitimate for 10 days and this is the base. We have seen that as a rule, this is all that anyone could need for a fourteen-day trek in the district as you would just be in the limited region for 10 days. In the event that you generally plan 16 days Upper Mustang trek Itinerary that will give you enough time to finish the trek. Similarly, as with other extraordinary grants, it is likewise required that something like two trekkers (guide and doorman don't include here) are a gathering to apply for a Mustang allow.

Why Nepal Trekking Tourism is different Than other Trekking Agencies of Nepal?

  • Why our Trekking Service is different than other Companies??

    Our company is always the concern in below 3 quality service during your trek in Nepal with us.

  • Unlimited Foods & Drinks: Like other companies, we never control your foods and drinks during a trek. In fact, you will serve unlimited fresh, hygienic and energetic meals & hot drinks. Most of companies package includes only 1 item of the meal at Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner and just 3 cups of tea/coffee a day, which is not enough for high mountain trek. Unlimited meals and hot drinks as your own choice is serving by our company during the trek. This will give you a BEST VALUE to trek with us.
  • Flexible in Itinerary: trekking itinerary in mountain region can’t be fixed every time, sometime due to any reason, we need to change or customize in itinerary. In this case our guide and porters are fully flexible to make necessary optional change as per your request by using their wise knowledge. This facility may not available with most of  the companies.
  • Quality Trek by Professional guide & Porters: Our guide and porter always take very good care of your trekking holiday; they always walk together and give you fact information during trek. Their main concern is always to take very good care of your health and well being during trek. Our guide and porters are fully expert in the field of trekking & Climbing. Arrangements of quality lodge, foods, drinks and health issues are always serious concern of our guide and porters. They will not leave you alone as we have seen many guides are always walking behind or a head and not caring well for their guests.

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