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Trekking related Questions & Answers

Here is some frequently asked questions and informations, these are common questions from our guests after they book trek or before trek with us.


1. Can I get Nepal visa on arrival? and How much it cost?

>> Yes, you can get Nepal tourist visa on arrival, You can fill up visa for on arrival or online at below link:

On Arrival Visa Fee

15 Days – 30 USD

30 Days – 50 USD

90 Days – 125 USD

for more information about tourist visa:


2.How I can find my transport on arrival? Is there someone pick up us on arrival ?

>> after your visa and custom formalities complete, you have to come outside at transport Area and you will see our driver and Airport guide holding  our company signboard, you have to look on the signboard and meet them, then they will transfer to you at hotel.


3. Can we meet our trekking or tour guide at Hotel? Is there any meeting prior to our trek?

>> once you reach at hotel, you will check in hotel and after about 15-20 min, you will meet your office manager for short trip briefing and most probably will treat a welcome dinner which start at 6.30 pm. If your flight arrive late evening welcome dinner will arrange on second day or after trek! its fully complementary treat from our company.


4. How trekking permits will arrange? do you need any photos for trekking permits?

>> we take care of your trekking permits and please bring 2 passport sized photos for trek permits. we will collect on arrival.


5. when we can make trek payment? mode of payments?

>> You have to make 25% of trek payment at time of booking and rest payment on arrival day by cash USD or by credit cards or bank wire transfer


6. Can we store extra baggage or our suitcase at hotel? Is there any cost?

>> Of course, You can store your extra baggage or suitcase at hotel, the store manager from hotel will give you a baggage tag to keep with you, which you have to present when you return from trek to collect your baggage. the storage charge is free. 


7. for trekking, do we need sleeping bag & down jacket? Is that included or we have to bring it? Can I rent it in Kathmandu? can you help to rent it?

>> Yes you should have sleeping bag and down jacket which should work up to -15 degree celsius. If it is included in our trek package, we will provide you, otherwise you have to bring it yourself or you can rent it in Kathmandu and it cost USD 1.5 per day per sleeping bag or down jacket on hire. one of our staff will assist you to rent those items from trekking shop in Kathmandu, this can be done on arrival day if you have time or next day.


 8. Is there any weight limit for local flight to Lukla? If my baggage is overweight, how it works? any extra cost?

>> The Lukla,Jomsom or any other stol sector domestic flights allow maximum 15 kgs per person including checkin and hand carry bags, it is 10 kg + 5 kg = 15 kgs. If your weight is more than 15 kgs, you have to pay extra weight charge roughly cost 1.5 per kg in nepali rupees at counter. It is highly advice to make your weight limit to 15 kgs maximum. this is more hassle free and also best weight for porter.


9. what is weight limit for porter? Is one porter sharing for two trekkers?

>> Yes, two trekkers share one porter and one porter carry maximum 25 kgs.


10. what are normal tipping system? Is it mandatory? Can we give USD or Nepali ruppees? when we give it?

>>  Tipping is basically as per your wish after trekking service of our guide and porter. However for your estimate of budget, it is advice to tip 15-20 USD per day for guide and USD 10-15 per day for porter, this tips normally sharing by your group. It is not mandatory, but expected, if your budget is lower than our estimate tipping amount, you have option to tip them less or more. You can give USD or Nepali currency, it no worries and can give tip on last day with small celebration of great trek with them.


11.How is typical day on trek? How long we walk per day?

>> depend on itinerary and altitude, you have to walk 4-9 hrs a day, your typical day start with breakfast at 6.30 or 7 am, your trek starts around 7- 7.30 am. You will walk about 3- 4 hrs and stop for Hot lunch at tea shops or lodge. you have enough time to take photos, have bathroom and lunch hour is normally 1 or 1.30 hrs. after lunch you have to walk 2-3 hrs or more depend on itinerary, some days will end by lunch time too.


12. How our Tea house accommodations looks like? Can I have private room?

>> Normal tea house are with two single beds or if you are 3 person sharing, there will be 3 beds. If you have paid single room supplement, you will provide single private room too. but please be advice that, during high season, sometime rooms in lodges at base camp or higher points are full and in that case you have to share room with another same gender.


13. Can I have hot shower? How much it cost?

>> If it is included in cost package, you don't have to worry, otherwise it cost approximately USD 3-5 in nepali rupees


14. what about Battery charges?

>> it is same like hot shower above, follow the same information mentioned on 14 number.


15. Is there WIFI or Cell phone facility on trek? if yes how much it cost?

>> Yes most of places have cell phone connection for phone calls and internet use, You can buy data package with SIM card in Kathmandu before trek. and also can buy WIFI card along the way of EBC trek or wifi charge in each lodges where available.


16. How is foods like on trek?

>> Breakfast normally serve with choices of eggs, potatoes, breads, Pancake, porridge, tea coffee. Lunch and dinner can select items made from Rice, pasta, noodle, potatoes etc, there are some good selections of meals like Nepalese meals- Dhalbhat.


17. How porter carry our baggage? do you provide porter basket or porter bags?

>> Yes we provide complimentry porter duffel bags on arrival in Kathmandu, we provide two duffel bags for two person to keep their cloths, sleeping bags etc.


18. what about trekking insurance? do you offer this service?

>> Insurance is mandatory, you can find many online insurance company, please be sure that insurance should cover medical and emergency evacuation by Helicopter in case of emergency.


19. do I need raincoat during trek? Can we expect rain?

>> Yes it is better to carry a raincoat. Rain is depend on season, but good to carry a light raincoat. we can expect rain sometime.


20. when is best time for trekking in nepal?

>> The best months for trekking in nepal are October- december in Fall season and March- May in spring. June- september is monsoon season and called low season. The finest and busy months are November, december, April and May


21. do your guide speak english? Is he well experienced with local culture and places?

>> Yes, of course! he speaks good amount of english for two way communication and knows well informations about local culture and places.


22. Is your guide and porters are insured?

>> Yes they are fully insured and incase of emergency, they will have full coverage of medical and evacuation.


23. How can I get drinking water? Can I buy bottled water or boiled water? Is it included or have to pay?

>> Yes, you can buy bottled water or boiled water in the lodges during trek. Please be prepare that bottled water cost from 1 USD- up to 3 USD and boiled water cost approx half. for economically and for environmental reason, It is better to purify drinking water yourself, you can bring your own filter or can buy water purifying tablets or liquids in Kathmadu before your trek. If we have included it, we will provide it.


24. does your guide carry first Aid? do we need to bring some medicine?

>> Yes our guide carry basic first Aid but it is better to carry your first Aid yourself, like diamox, headache etc..


25. what will happen incase of sick or AMS problem in trek?

>> it is guarantee that 95% trekkers can complete their trek without any problem if they follow our itinerary and guide advice, in case of emergency, we coordinate with your insurance and arrange medical evacuation to hospital treatment.


26. what will happen if I am sick and quit the trek early than fixed itinerary? can I get refund?

>> In case of sick or any reason you have to quit trekking early, there is no refund, you have to pay yourself for extra nights hotel in Kathmandu, we will just pay for your meals. we will assist for hotel booking and we will take care of your health if you return early from trek due to sick or caught any any accdident. 


27. How much I should carry extra for tips, hot shower, battery charges, bottled water etc? Can I carry USD or credit card accepted in lodges?

>> if you have booked our 16 days regular Everest base camp trek, it is advice to carry approximately USD 400-500 for tips, hot shower, battery charges, boiled water, extra snacks. the lodges accept only local currency, so you have to exchange it in Kathmandu before your trek.


28. How much roughly lunch or dinner cost in Kathmandu?

>> it depend on standard of restaurants and foods you have, roughly one lunch or dinner cost approx USD 6-10, you should prepare about USD 12-20 per day for Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu. its all depend on what yoiu like to eat. let say, one Nepalese meals cost approx USD 5 and one pizza cost approx USD 7-10.


29. How much it cost for a bottle of beer in trek?

>> it cost approx USD 6- 10 per bottle of 650ml evrest beer or tuborg or gorkha beer. 


30.How hard is Everest trek? do I need to be fit or have to do any workout before trek? also should I have consult with doctor for physical check up?

>> EBC trek is moderate to hard trek, the max altitude is Kalapattar hiking 5550m, as long as you are phycically fit, that helps you a lot for trekking. however all aged and average people can do this trek. it is advice to do some normal walking, running or biking everyday 1-2 hours before you fly Nepal for any treks. if you have any physical problem you may consult with doctor or it is not necessary.

Here is some frequently asked questions and informations, these are common questions from our guests after they book trek or before trek with us.

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