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Adventure Things to do in Pokhara | Hiking Sarankot | Paragliding in Sarankot |

17 May Post by: Yubraj

Pokhara, the gateway to Annapurna Circuit and various trekking destination. Pokhara is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal. The city resides on the bank of Phewa lake , snow-capped mountains that you haven't seen before, Lots of recreational activities to do. In short, it is paradise for tourist to enjoy their holiday in Pokhara. Many tourists stay longer than they have planned due to the attraction of Pokhara city and the recreational activities it offers. Due to which Pokhara is listed among the best holiday destination in the world. Nightlife of the city also comes to life compared to Kathmandu. Pokhara offers a lot than we expect. So here is the list of amazing things you can do in Pokhara.  

1.Sarangkot Sunrise 

If you're in pokhara you don't want to miss amazing sunrise over Annapurna Ranges. Sarangkot is a nearby hill from Pokhara. You wake up early in the morning and travel for around 30 minutes by private jeep to reach sarangkot. You can even hike to sarangkot and enjoy the hilly trails. The scenery here is breathtaking. You see panorama view of Pokhara city and Phewa lake. 

View from sarangkot


2. Phewa lake  

The beautiful Phewa lake is one of the main attraction of pokhara.It covers 4.43 sq km. On a good day we can see the reflection of “Machhapuchre” range on the lake. There are lot of recreational activities to be done on lake and water sport from boating , surfing, swimming etc.. There are exotic hotels , restaurants with different types of street food near the lakeside. In the middle of the lake there is an island in which famous “barahi Temple” is located which has its own religious value. People from all over come to the temple just to worship.We can spend the whole day exploring the lake , dense forest and even go for quick hiking from the other side of the lake. We can also enjoy the beautiful sunset in the evening and street performance. 

3. Paragliding in Pokhara 

Pokhara is one the best places in the world to do tandem paragliding. Paragliding takes off from nearby hill i.e Sarangkot and lands in the banks of phewa lake. The experience is absolutely amazing. We glide over phewa lake and see panorama view of Pokhara city as well as phewa lake. We see the snow-covered Himalayas while we glide in the sky. Going through the clouds the experience is amazing. The flight is usually of 30 minutes and the experience is for the lifetime. 


4. Zip Flyer in  Pokhara

This is one of the adventurous activities in pokhara which you don't want to miss. Zip flyer is also located in the hills of sarangkot. We cross total of 1.8 km from one hill to another hill with the speed of approx. 100 km/hr which is breathtaking. Zip flyer in pokhara is the tallest and longest in the entire world. You will never experience any zip flyer like this in the entire world. So you don't want to miss it. Do you? 


5. Ultra light flight 

Have you ever wished to fly an aircraft with no window and see the beautiful scenery around you? Then ultralight flight is the right choice for you. It is a lightweight aircraft with two seats. One for pilot and another for the passenger. It flies through the clouds, above the clouds. The views are amazing from the sky. We go as near as possible of the mountains. The experience is more like flying in the sky with wings. 

6. Begnas and Rupa Tal 

Begnas and Rupa tal is located in the outskirts of Pokhara city. Away from noise and pollution this is the best place to hang out and enjoy beautiful begnas and rupa tal scenery. The freshwater lakes is cleaner compared to phewa lake and is peaceful. The lake offers different water sports activity. People mainly enjoy boating and fishing here. We can also enjoy local fish with local species which tastes amazing. Despite being one of the most beautiful lake in pokhara people hardly visit here. So if you're in pokhara you don't want to miss these lakes.


7. Exploring Caves 

There are magnificent caves situated in Pokhara . Most famous are Bat cave and Mahendra Cave. It is believed that these caves were formed from ancient times and local people living nearby worship here. The caves are mysterious. It is said that it takes around 1000 years to form a cave. So you dont want to miss the opportunity to explore exotic caves of pokhara. Dont worry the caves are not dangerous. You will get lights to explore the magnificent caves 


8. World Peace Pagoda 

This a popular sightseeing destination. It doesn't have much to offer but you can enjoy the panoramic view of phewa lake , Annapurna Himalayas and pokhara city. It is situated in the opposite side of the hill of the phewa lake. We can even hike from the banks of the phewa lake to reach here. It is Nepal's first world Peace Pagoda. It is situated 1100 meters above sea level. We have to climb around 200 stairs to reach there.


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