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  • Mr.Pasang Sherpa

    Mr.Pasang Sherpa


    Pasang Sherpa is chairman and Owner of Nepal Trekking Tourism & Adventure (NETTA). Pasang Sherpa actively involved in tourism sector of Nepal since 1995. He started his career in Tourism of Nepal as porter. After few years of experience as porter in different trekking areas of Nepal especially Annapurna, Everest, langtang, pasang has updated himself as trekking & mountain guide for trekkers in different trekking areas of Nepal from 1997. Sherpa took training of Trekking & Mountain guide in 2001 and became a government licensed holder trekking guide of Nepal. Pasang Sherpa took very good care of many trekkers to different areas of Nepal as full English speaking licensed trekking & mountain guide from few different trekking agencies during year 1997 to 2001. He has traveled most of all popular trekking areas of Nepal and served as Professional, hardworking and honest Sherpa guide of Nepal. After having very good experience of trekking sector of Nepal, in early 2002, Sherpa himself established own trekking agency- Nepal Trekking Tourism & Adventure (NTTA) and started to organize his own trekking groups to the most of trekking areas including trek/tour of Tibet, Bhutan and some part of India too. Sherpa has been travelling himself as group leader in many trekking groups since 2002 in order to collect facts about different trekking areas of Nepal till today. Sherpa also took Training of Tourist guide (known as tour guide in Nepal) in 2006 for better help of cultural guide of Nepal for religious & cultural part of Nepal. (note that tour guide and trekking guide is different in post and also in order to obtain government license of tourist guide/ tour guide, one should hold graduate level Education in Nepal). So pasang Sherpa hold both trekking guide as well as tour guide licensed from Government of Nepal. Sherpa is responsible for corresponding to the inquiries, providing information and planning trekking areas. Pasang Sherpa has 20 years of experience and NTTA is a leading trekking agency in Nepal run by Sherpa and have very good reputation of Professionalism in Nepalese tourism industry.

  • Mrs.Pasang Dolma Sherpa Lama

    Mrs.Pasang Dolma Sherpa Lama

    Managing Director/Owner

    Mrs.Pasang dolma Sherpa Lama have collective trekking Agency operator experience since 2005 from post of trekking guide, trekking leader and now Owner as well as Managing Director of this company. She enjoys trekking in different areas and learns more about possibilities of Nepalese trekking sector. Sherpa speaks excellent English and have a sound knowledge of religions, cultures and peoples of Nepal. She is Honest, professional and hard working Owner of Nepal Trekking Tourism & Adventure (NETTA) our company. She always take very good care of our trekking clients and whole company management to run very smooth business of company. Mrs. Sherpa have over 10 years of experience of different Nepal trekking areas and running own company since 7 years.

  • Pemba Tsering Bhote

    Pemba Tsering Bhote

    General Manager

    Pemba Tsering Bhote is one of our hard working staff of this company. He is working as General Manager since 2011. He is from Taplejung district. He loves travelling and working very closely for overall business development of our company. He is sincere and working as friendly atmosphere in our company.

  • Manoj Yonjan

    Manoj Yonjan


    Manoj Yonjan is one of Young and hard working staff of this company. He was our trekking guide during his early age of 15 years. He leads many trekking and climbing trip to mountains since 2004 once he joined our company as trekking guide. He is working as Marketing Manager since 2011. He loves travelling and working very closely for overall business development of our company. He is sincere and working as friendly atmosphere in our company.

  • Mr. Pasang Rinjee Sherpa

    Mr. Pasang Rinjee Sherpa

    Trekking guide

    Pasang Rinjee Sherpa joined NTTA from 2004 and has 8 years of most successful and collective experience of many trekking areas and especially for Everest trekking region. Before he joins to this company, he worked as porter and Assistant guide more than 8 years in different companies in Kathmandu. Mr. Sherpa has been updated as guide by this company and regularly worked as honest and hardworking trekking guide and earning very good reputations and praise from all our trekkers. Sherpa lives at surke, close to Lukla Airport of Everest region with his families. Mr. Sherpa is frank, helpful, hard working, sincere guide of this company. Overall, he possess more than 16 years of experience in field of Trekking in Nepal.



    Trekking & Climbing Guide

    Kitemba Sherpa- another experienced Trekking & Climbing guide of our Company from 2002. He has worked in many other local companies and gained lots of trekking experiences. He has been successfully guiding clients to high mountain pass treks and climbing part of Nepal. His interest is climbing and hiking. He also climbed many trekking peaks and high Mountain peaks above 8000m. His knowledge in Trekking & Climbing sector is brilliant and a friendly, helpful and honest service is his best attitude among our guests. Mr. Kitemba Sherpa is working as senior trekking guide of NTTA since 2002. His experience in Nepal trekking areas is best of all and he can handle very good trekking groups.

  • Mr. Kaji Sherpa

    Mr. Kaji Sherpa

    Trekking guide

    Mr. Kaji Sherpa is professional trekking guide of NTTA since 2010. Before he joined to NTTA, he worked more than 10 years as porter, assistant guide and trekking guide in different trekking companies. His experience in trekking is very good and we found him an honest, hard working guide and carry his progress a head in the days. Kaji Sherpa leads most of Everest treks with this company.



    Assistant Guide/Sherpa

    Dorjee Sherpa has been working with Nepal Trekking Tourism & Adventure from 2000. He works both as porter plus Assistant guide in Camping/tea house treks. Always smiling, helpful and honest is his best ornaments among all our trekking guests. That is why everybody likes Dorjee. He is learning trekking cook.

  • Dhan Bahadur Rai

    Dhan Bahadur Rai

    Trekking Guide / Cook

    Mr. Dhan Bahadur Rai has worked with many different trekking companies since 15 years and has joined with Nepal Trekking Tourism & Adventure (NTTA) from 2007. Our valuable guests found him a Trustworthy, helpful and experienced Trekking Guide as well as camping cook. He already worked with us as Porter, as cook and Guide. We found him an honest staff. Thus we are giving opportunity to Mr. Rai for his better Career in Nepalese tourism Industry.

  • Lal Bahadur Rai

    Lal Bahadur Rai

    Trekking guide/ cook

    Lal bahadur Rai shortly called as Lale is one of professional and experience guide cum cook of NTTA since 2004. Mr. Lale worked as Assistant cook and senior cook in camping trek more than 7 years and later he updated himself as Trekking guide with NTTA since 2004. His experience in Nepal trekking is top notch. Professional, hard working, sincere and taking care is his best for career in tourism of Nepal.

  • Mr. Nuru Jangbu Sherpa

    Mr. Nuru Jangbu Sherpa

    Trekking & climbing guide

    Nuru Jangbu Sherpa is working as Trekking & Climbing guide with NTTA recently from 2010. Before he joins to us, he worked as climbing Sherpa in many different companies. His experience in Trekking & Tourism filed is more than 18 years. Mr. Nuru Jhangbu is hard working and reliable guide for our company.

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